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Monthly messages from Pastor Roybal

Hold My Hand

The other morning after parking my car in the gym parking lot, I began the long walk towards the entrance to the gym. As I did, I noticed this young mom with her small young son walking […]

With ALL My Heart??

Now this may date some of us, but how many of us can you remember the time when we were in school and the girl, or boy, we liked so very much asked if we loved them with […]

What’s In Your Hand??

I remember as a young boy, how much I enjoyed watching magicians perform their magic tricks. One of my favorite tricks was where they would put something in their hands and with a flick of their wrist, whatever […]

Getting There!!

Can you believe it my friend, we are almost half way through 2013 already? I know that many of you have heard this said so many times before: ‘The older I get, […]

A Time For Shaking

Greetings my dear friend. I pray that as you read my blog for this month, you find yourself experiencing the love and joy of the Lord in your life in a powerful way! My lovely wife […]

I Love You???

Greetings my friend! My prayer for you is that you are sensing the Lord’s favor and peace at work in your life at this time and also feeling His strength manifested in all you do so […]