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Monthly messages from Pastor Roybal


I don’t know about you, but it seems to me this year has blown by at a faster rate than before. Now I know time goes by at the same rate as […]

Moving On!!!

newly graduated people wearing black academy gowns throwing hats up in the air

Every year about this time, thousands of who I would call the future of our country, graduate from High School. This year it seems like a lot of my cousins, nieces and […]

May Flowers?!?

pink petaled flowers closeup photo

It seems like Spring has taken its time to get here and I am not sure Spring is totally here yet. The temperatures have been a bit on the cool side the […]


I don’t believe there isn’t a Christian around who hasn’t felt at one time or another that Jesus had left them high and dry. Their prayers have gone unanswered, the trials in […]


snow covered forest field

Not sure what part of the country you currently live but one would have to be living in a cave not to know about the severe snow storms which have struck the […]