Children’s Ministry

Children’s Sunday School Classes meet at 9:30

Children’s Ministry Leader:         Mike Townsend- 702-501-4987


  • Bill Betz
  • Marina Diaz
  • Michelle Milligan
  • Michael Townsend
  • Susan Henry

Children’s Church Guidelines

Welcome to New Day Kid’s Church where your children will learn abut the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We will worship in the sanctuary every Sunday as a family and after the reading of the weekly scripture we will be dismissed to Children’s Church for a lesson.

Each week we will read from the Bible and learn scriptures. From time to time your child will have some fun sheets to take home or scriptures to read. Please take the time to go over the work and scriptures with them. When they return their fun sheets, they earn crosses. 

We also ask that the children bring a Bible with them each week. If they do not have one, we will provide one for them. There will be activities throughout the year, and we will send home letters about the activities. 

There are some guidelines that we do ask you and your child(ren) follow please. They are implemented for you and your family’s safety and for us to properly run a successful children’s ministry. 

  • Ages Kindergarten and up
  • We require you to have your child’s matching ticket to pick them up and the person who is picking them up must be on the approved pick up list
  • If your child is sick, running a fever or has had a fever in that last 24 hours we ask that you do not send them to church.
  • We will check your child’s temperature before they enter children’s church.
  • No food or drink in the room, they have tables in the cafe before and after church.
  • Once our teaching time begins, we will close the door and not open until we are finished. Once it is open you may pick up your child. Please do not disrupt the class by opening the door early.
  • When service is over and you pick up your child, they may play in the playroom. You are responsible at that point for your child. When they are done, please assist them with clean up to make sure the toys are placed in the proper places. 
  • No shoes are to be worn in the rooms with foam mats.
  • All our teachers are security checked and approved to teach or supervise children.

Nursery Guidelines

Nursery Teachers

Brittany Muzio, Christa Swanger, Juliet Buetnner, Sharon Morganti

Helpers: Alexandrea Rollwitz, Elijah Cichoski, Emma Chichoski, Mikial Muzio, Tambara Hall

Nursery is for babies and toddlers usually up to age 4.

Do not drop your child off before 9:20

Parents are welcome to use the nursery as a cry room, however, please remove your shoes or cover them with booties.

Diaper changes must be done by parents, we will text you if your child needs a diaper change.

We do not provide snacks, so feel free to bring one for your child

Our teachers are good with kids, especially ones who are nervous or are reluctant to stay without being upset. Just let your child know that you will return, and we will comfort them. If they do not calm down within 15 minutes, we will come get you.