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Monthly messages from Pastor Roybal


What a word you might say. Well it’s the best word that I could come up with at the moment to try to describe the wind or the sound of wind.  Actually, I am not a big fan […]

Love, Love, Love

Love, love, love. I am going to date myself here but how many of you remember as I do, the musical group called the Beatles? If you were brave enough to say that you remembered the […]


Can you allow me to get real brave right now as I step out to say to all;  Merry Christmas!!! We may want to chuckle but it’s sad that whether or not we say Merry Christmas or play […]

Thank You

Can you believe it, we are in the month of November already!! Boy has the year just flown by or maybe it’s just me. Once we get to the month of November most […]

Do Not Fear

Are you one of those people who is a TV news talk show junkie like I am? Do you have to read the newspaper everyday as I do? If you find that you […]