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Nazirite Training Program Coming to New Day Christian Church

Raising Up A Nazirite Generation taught by Pastor Jerome S. Ocampo is coming to Las Vegas in February 2012. Pastor Ocampo is the founder of Jesus Revolution Now! This 5 day seminar will be hosted by New Day Christian Church at Becker Middle School.

“Desperate Times require Desperate Measures!” The timing is now, the training is needed and the decision is ours!

God want to raise up Nazirites in every area of Society. As we see an extremely powerful generation emerging with an extra ordinary calling, we also need an extra ordinary and extreme powerful training: A training for a Nazirite Lifestyle. If we don’t, we might see this generation end up like Samson, losing purpose and anointing all together. We need to see them rise up like Elijah confronting the prevailing and ruling influences of his time. This training will intentionally bring out the Elijah anointing and prevent the Samson syndrome.

As before, we just pray that the Nazirites will rise up today, today we are “intentionally” raising them up! Its time to see the Elijah Generation mature and be released. This training is not just for those in the ministry, but more importantly those in Business or the Marketplace; Media, Government and the Arts. Even young people seeking to make a difference in their generation will be changed by this training.

I encourage you to seize the opportunity, for the timing is now! Las Vegas needs to see it’s Nazirites. The groaning of this generation increases!  For more information and a link to an informational brochure Click Here.

February 2012 Phase 1: HUMILITY

Promoting loyalty to church leadership and unity 
in the Body of Christ
(Different kinds of pride, Self acceptance or 
self rejection, Meekness isn’t weakness, 
Yielded personal rights, Spiritual authority 
and covering)  
New Day Christian Church
Becker Middle School Library
9151 Pinewood Hills Dr
Feb 21 – 24  Tues – Fri 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Feb 25  Sat 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Registration Fee for New Day Christian Church members: $50.00
Registration Fee for non New Day Christian Church members:  $65.00 

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