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New Day Ladies Were Lifted Up at Beth Moore Symphony Conference

The ladies of New Day Christian Church of Las Vegas had an amazing experience at the Beth Moore Conference in San Diego. Do you remember the main points we learned?  Here is a quick re-cap of what Beth shared with 9,000 women attending the conference.

The Greek for Agree is   “Symphoneo”

  • The sound of human agreement in Christ is a symphony to His ears
  • Christ so loves a human symjony that He promises His presense to even the smallest orchestra
  • The cacophony at ground level is the sound of cosmic chords that can’t harmonize
  • The plan of God foretold in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament unfurls like a divine symphony
  • Dissonance can drown the sound that could have revealed and healed
  • The sound of a couple agreeing strikes it’s own symphonic chord
  • The return of a prodigal is celebrated to the tune of a divine symphony

Enjoy this recap video:  San Diego Recap Video from Beth Moore Living Proof Ministry

The weekend was capped off with a fun excursion and dinner at Old Town, San Diego and then a time of fellowship and prayer back at the hotel.

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