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Who Is This?

For the most part everyone has known those who by their mere presence or demeanor, were able to draw emotions, negative or positive, out of others. I have personally know people who just by walking into a room, were able to draw various emotions out of people. Sometimes it was because of their position, their looks, what they were wearing, their lifestyle or various other reasons that they are able to excite people or incite them to anger.

In Matthew 21:1-10 we read the account where Jesus and His disciples are about to enter Jerusalem. In one short week, Jesus would be rejected by all, beaten to the point of death, a crown of thorns would be shoved into His head and finally nailed to a cross where He would die. One of the many amazing points to this account in Matthew is the wide arrange of emotions that are displayed.

At the very beginning of the account in Matthew 21, we find a very large crowd of people ran out to meet Jesus and His disciples as they entered Jerusalem. As Jesus and His disciples entered Jerusalem, the large crown of people went ahead of Jesus spreading their own cloaks on the road for Jesus to ride His donkey on, while others cut branches from the trees and also spread them on the ground.  As they did this, they were shouting; ‘Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!’ Had you and I been there we would have clearly said, these are some very excited and joyful people.

We go on to read when Jesus finally entered Jerusalem, it said the whole city was stirred and asked, ‘Who is this?’ The people who ran out to meet Jesus and His disciples were one very excited group of people. The people in the city of Jerusalem were angry, confused and wondered, ‘Who is this?’ We sadly go on to read that in less than 7 days, for the most part all the people came into one accord as they shouted ‘Crucify Him!’ when Pilate asked what he should do with this man who claimed to be the king of the Jews.

Notice the question the whole city asked as they were stirred when Jesus entered Jerusalem; “Who is this?” I find so many Christians, in their zeal to tell others about Jesus, make what they are saying more about themselves and how holy they are which tends to incite anger and resentment about Jesus instead of exciting people about who Jesus is. Christianity was never meant to be about us, how many Scriptures we know, what we have sacrificed for the Lord, how many souls we’ve led to the saving knowledge of Jesus or anything else that would draw attention to us. Christianity is meant to be only about who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

I believe the world today is looking for authentic, genuine Christianity, not something that draws attention to one’s self, to our denomination, our church, our pastor, our works or supposed holiness or anything else that might cause people take thier eyes off the Lord. Our lives must constantly reflect the saving work of Jesus and nothing else.

There are people in each of our lives who are asking: ‘Who is this Jesus?’ As Christians, we have that answer, but at times our explanation of that answer incites people to push away from Jesus, when it should be so exciting. they would want to know Him. You see, the answer for who is this Jesus, is a life so filled with hope and joy, a life trusting in Jesus for everything, a life which is looking to live for the Lord in every possible way. The people asked. “Who is this?” What are people saying in response to that question, or better yet what is your life saying?

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