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In the month of July on July 4th, our nation will be celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence which was done on July 4th, 1776. On that date the Continental Congress declared the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject to the monarch of Britain and were now united, free and independent states. These 13 colonies went on to become the United States of America; a land and people which were free.

President Lincoln declared at Gettysburg that we were a nation conceived in liberty and it’s that liberty which makes us Americans and to be Americans is to be uniquely free.

Since that day, our freedoms as Americans have come under a tremendous strain and has taken us through countless wars and battles for freedom, at the cost of countless lives who have defended our right in those wars and battles to remain free.

I truly believe our fore-fathers, who founded our country on Biblical principles, truly intended America to be a people who walked in freedom based on what they felt the Lord would wants us to do. Yet as we know, those Godly principles which our country was originally founded on, have taken a huge beating because we have sadly chosen in America to walk away from many of those Godly principles.

Laws which were once ordained to keep us free as Americans, not only physically but spiritually, have been changed and altered so much because of special interests groups, who have no desire to walk in Godly ways. Groups of people who feel they have the right to demand we change as a nation from what our fore-fathers intended for America to be, to fit their sinful ways, which are in total contradiction to what the Lord would want.

All this horrible news can really discourage one’s spirit if they let it, but there is a way we can be free indeed, no matter what country we live in. Jesus said as He was speaking to some Jews who had believed in Him in John 8:36 “So if the Son (Jesus) sets you free, you will be free indeed.” 

The word used for indeed here means; really, certainly, actually, truthfully to name a few. In other words, truly and really free; a freedom that can never be taken away by any special interest group or change of laws. Freedom indeed from the bondage of sin.

I am of the belief that we live in the most awesome, wonderful nation in the world, the United States of America and I’ve always said about those who hate our nation and flag so much, to go and live in some other nation and see how your rebellious attitude goes there.

Though I feel this way about America, I am well aware our nation has many issues and problems that we need to work on. That being said, we are still free today to go to church, to lift up our hands in praise to our Lord, to proclaim His saving Gospel to anyone who would listen, but I am also aware those days will be coming to an end as we get closer to the time when Jesus Christ comes back for His bride, the church, you and me.

Until that time comes we as the church must be found busy sharing the saving love of Jesus Christ who gives us freedom indeed, not only with our words but more importantly, by the way we live our lives.

There is a freedom and there is a freedom indeed; which one are you walking in today my friend.

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