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It Never Fails!!

A while ago, my wife and I purchased 2 new phones and we spent a good part of the day as they transferred all our information off our old phones onto our new phones. I remember telling the person who was transferring all my info from my old phone to the new phone, how important my information was and how I needed to make sure not of my info got lost.

When I got home, I realized I needed to sync my Bluetooth onto my new phone, so that is what I did. After getting my Bluetooth to sync onto my new phone, it didn’t take long for it to un-sync itself and that was the case with my wife’s Bluetooth as well. I made numerous trips to the Apple store as they tried over and over to make my Bluetooth stay synced but it just wouldn’t. They even gave us new phones, thinking the phones were the problem and still our Bluetooth’s would not stay sync. It was very frustrating making those trips back and forth to the Apple store only to see our Bluetooth’s fail to stay synced.

On my last trip to the Apple store, the manager got involved and after trying many times to do what every other tech person had tried to do and still failing to succeed, he decided to call his main office only to learn the particular Bluetooth’s my wife and I had, though they were good products, were having serious problems staying synced with any IPhone.

Whenever we buy something and it fails to work, it can be a very frustrating time in our lives. Though every person is telling us that what we purchased should work, when it fails to do so what it should, it can be for a very trying time.

Being a Pastor, I have had the honor of officiating at many weddings. I always tell the couple who are getting married that I will need a few moments during the wedding ceremony to share what I believe are words of encouragement and instruction which I believe can help these newly wed couple enjoy a wonderful and successful marriage.

Marriage is a beautiful example of what our relationship is with our Bridegoom, the Lord, and us, the Bride, needs to look like. At the wedding ceremony I share the responsibility each spouse has in the marriage; knowing they will have times when their spouse will fail to meet their responsibility in the marriage. In those very difficult and trying times in a marriage, forgiveness and mercy need to be extended by each spouse so the enemy doesn’t gain a foothold in the relationship.

I end my time of teaching by reading out of the Bible what I believe is the most beautiful description of the love our Bridegoom, the Lord, has with us, His bride. I read Paul’s words out of 1 Corinthians 13:1-8. Paul begins by giving us, the Bride, a beautiful description of what our Bridegroom, the Lord, expression of love is to us and what we should in turn express not only to our spouse but to our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

After giving the most beautiful description of what true Godly love is like, the Apostle Paul ends by saying: “Love never fails.” Paul is not describing some type of ‘puppy love’ or a love which produces ‘butterfly’s in the stomach’ Paul is describing a love from our Lord which endures forever, and will never fail us, though we sadly give the Lord many reasons to not love us.

I am a firm believer in the operation of all the gifts in the church Paul mentions in this text, but Paul begins by saying though we may move in those spiritual gifts, if we don’t have the love Paul is about to describe working in our lives, then all we are is a resounding gong or clanging cymbal, and we all know annoying that can be.

Stuff, people, the church and even our wonderful spouse will fail us, we can’t get away from that no matter how hard we try. Yet, as 1 Peter 4:8 declares, ‘love covers a multitude of sins’ doesn’t it make more sense to love instead of hating and holding grudges, never forgetting, and keeping a record of wrongs?? Godly love works and it will never fail us; all we need to do is believe that and begin extending that same love to one another!!!


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