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Is Your Faith Shaken?

New Day’s online message for you today coming from Pastor Leroy Roybal. New Day is preparing to meet at church again, hopefully next Sunday. We will have a cleaning day on Saturday May 30 to prepare to open.  UPDATE:  We will be meeting Sunday for church per Governor starting Phase 2.

Enjoy today’s worship and message.

Message from Michael Townsend, Children’s Church leader

The days have been long and at times stressful, but as children of God we are called to trust in Him for He will bring peace and will always provide for His children just as He provides for the little sparrow. This I say we are to rejoice in praises for He is faithful and loves us all just as He loved Jesus who He sent to die for our sins,  but not to stay in death, but to overcome death and be resurrected into the arms of the Father and sit on His right side until the day we are called home to live eternity with Him.

You may have heard that churches are now considered essential and are allowed to reopen. This calls for shouts of joy and praise. 

That being said, next Sunday, May 31 we will return to our church. Before we can return though we must prepare the Lord’s house for worship and praise, so on Saturday the 30th at 9:00 in the morning we will have a cleaning party at the church. Please join us to cleanse the House of the Lord, to worship and praise Him, and to celebrate the return of His people to their churches.

Next Sunday is not just any Sunday, but the day of Pentecost. It is a day the disciples, on that day, experienced the move of the Holy Spirit. I expect nothing less next Sunday as the bride of Christ, the Church, reunites in celebration. I see this as a symbolic moment to when we, His children, return Home, in Heaven, to live an eternal life with Him.