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The Lord Goes With Us!!

The other night as I stayed up to watch on TV as the New Year 2021 was ushered in, it was a huge letdown to say the least.

We live in what is considered by many to be one of top 5 most desired tourist destinations in our nation. People from all over the world come to Las Vegas just to see what our city is all about. They want to see the bright lights, the many magnificent 5 star hotels we have and to sadly lose lots of money.

As midnight came and 2021 was ushered in, the huge crowds we in Las Vegas have been so accustomed to seeing line our streets in past New Year’s, were not there. From what I could tell, only one hotel displayed fireworks as the New Year 2021 was ushered in.

2020 has been by far the greatest year for sadness, depression, anger, disunity, lack of joy/hope and on and on; not something any year would want to be remembered by. Not only was our city Las Vegas sadly affected by the Coronavirus, countless cities across our nation also sensed a lack of joy/celebration as 2021 rolled in.

I was recently asked by someone who I consider to be a very strong Christian, if I thought Christians would come back to church once churches were able to open back up to full capacity. My response to their question was: that is one of my greatest concerns.

Strong believers, have also been sadly affected in a negative way by everything which has taken place in 2020. It has left even the strongest of believers with feelings of much doubt and fears as we embrace 2021. I have to sadly confess as a Pastor, I too have been sadly affected by all which has taken place in 2020 and have many concerns as we enter the New Year 2021.

As I was thinking about the New Year 2021, the Holy Spirit took me to a promise found in Deuteronomy 31:6 NKJV “Be strong and of good cheer, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you” (emphasis added)

Moses time as leader of the Israelites had come to an end and he summoned Joshua, who would be the next leader of the Israelites and the Israelites to give them a word of encouragement.

As I read that Scripture verse, the Lord spoke to me and said that same promise goes for His people in 2021.

No one knew 2020 would turn out to be the year it was but the Lord did and He got us through it. No one knows what 2021 will be like but again, the Lord will get us through it. So be encouraged my brother, my sister, the Lord is still with us and He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us, even in 2021!!!  

Image courtesy Unsplash Tim Mossholder

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