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Time To Sing!!!

As I was entering a doctor’s appointment on my phone calendar, I was shocked to see we were just a few days away from March of 2021. It seems like we just took our Christmas decorations down and here we are about to enter the third month of 2021! 

When I looked out my home window, I noticed there were buds of new growth on this big tree we have in our front yard. I saw on the calendar that Spring this year begins on March 20th.

Spring refers to the season of rebirth rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. Spring is a new season and new seasons require changes; different clothes to wear, activities which can now be done outdoors and new expectations. Spring is also a time when we usually do a thorough cleaning of our homes and get rid of stuff we’ve been wanting to get rid of for a long time.

When Spring arrives, people come out of their homes where they have been locked in because of the cold winter and begin to enjoy the warm sunshine and blooming flowers!

As I thought about this the Lord showed me that everyone desperately needs a sense of Spring right now in their lives.

People have been locked down in their homes because of the Coronavirus and the fear the media has brought on peoples’ hearts because of the Coronavirus.

I am in no way discounting the horrible effects the Coronavirus has had on many lives, with the loss of loved ones, jobs, young children committing suicide and so many other devastating things.

Yet, I firmly believe it’s time we ended this lockdown and lifted the many restrictions which have been placed on people’s lives so our lives can back to normal.

Strong believers in Christ have not been spared the horrible effects of the Coronavirus yet we are reminded of Jesus’ words In John 16:33 “In this world/life we (believers) will have trouble/tribulation but we are encouraged to take heart, be of good joy, for Jesus has overcome the world” (emphasis added)

David writes in Psalm 40:3 NKJV “He (Lord) has put a new song in my mouthPraise be to our God; many will see it and fear, and will trust in the Lord (emphasis added)  

Just as no virus can stop the season of Spring from coming, as believers, nothing that the enemy can throw at us, should ever be able to rob of us the ‘new song’ the Lord may be wanting to give us in the middle of the storms in our lives

In these difficult times, is the world hearing believers sing the ‘new song’ of praise and joy the Lord has placed in our hearts in these difficult times or are they hearing words of no hope and division.

I believe this virus will soon pass but as it does, will the world see believers with signs of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth; with new songs of praise and joy so the world can begin trusting in the Lord? Starting singing my friend!!

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