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“Give me a second Lord”

My friend, how good are you at getting to something when you have been made aware of it or been told to do it? Let me give you an example: The other day my wife had asked me to do something but because I was already doing something else, I put off what she asked of me.

Well as you might have guessed, my wife was not too happy that had forgotten to do what she had asked of me; it made her request of me not seem so important to me.

It seems we all have the tendency to procrastinate or defer what we may know we need to do or have been asked to do. I believe the main of reason for that is what we are currently doing is of much greater importance than what we have been asked to do.

I remember a time when I was working at this grocery store and my store manager came up to me and asked me to take care of a certain thing; to which I replied, yes sir.

Distracted by something else I totally spaced what my boss had asked me to do. A few hours later as I was resting for a bit in the backroom, my store manager walked up to me and asked if I had taken care of what he had asked of me and being the honest man that was before the Lord; I lied and said I had. (not a good thing)

Knowing already I had not done what my boss had asked me to do, I got the biggest chewing out I ever had. My boss said if I ever did that again he would fire me on the spot. I never did that again.

“Give me a second,” is the response we usually give when we are asked to do something we really don’t want to do, and it never goes well with us when we respond that way.

In Luke 9:57-62 we read Jesus says to a man, “Follow Me.” To think that Jesus Himself would personally say that to you is a huge thing, but somehow it was not that huge to this one man.

The man said to Jesus, “Lord, let me first go and bury my father” At first glance that sounded like a fair enough excuse to give to Jesus but Jesus saw through this man’s “Give me a second” moment.

When Jesus called His disciples, He used those same words, “Follow Me” and we read the disciples dropped everything they were doing and began following Jesus.

I must sadly admit I am guilty of saying those very same words to Jesus when I have felt He was impressing something on my heart for me to do or obey.

When the Lord speaks a command to our hearts and our response is “Give me a second” in a sense we are saying to Jesus what He is asking of us is not very important/crucial for us at that moment.

Has the Lord asked you my friend to do something that you know in your heart you’ve responded with; “Give me a second Lord?” It’s never too late to make it right with the Lord and we will never grow spiritually speaking until we do!!

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