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Security In Times Of Shaking

Greetings! I pray everyone is doing well and staying healthy, Coronavirus free. I want to apologize for being absent the last few months with my blog. It’s been a very busy and difficult last few months to say the least.

We lost one of our dear church members a few weeks ago from the Coronavirus and that was difficult for our church. The family and loved ones of the person who died is a very dear part of the work at our church. The healing process is still taking place in the life of this dear family.

At that same time our church lost one of its dear loved ones, one of my very dear and longtime friends, going all the way back to my high school days, also lost his son to the Coronavirus

I had the honor and privilege of officiating at both of these funerals, though it was very hard for me in doing so. I ended up officiating at another funeral for one of our church member’s spouse who died, not of Coronavirus on the same day as I officiated at my friend’s son’s funeral service.  

In the middle of all this tragedy, I received the devastating word my oldest brother had cancer and after doing some treatments and running lots of tests, the doctor sadly informed my sister in law, they were not able to save my brother so they sent him home with Hospice care, where he is currently at.

We read in Isaiah 54:10 “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet My unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor My covenant of peace be removed, says the Lord, who has compassion on you” (emphasis added)

Las Vegas is a city that’s surrounded by mountains and hills. Mountains and hills represent safety/security. When storms hit those mountains/hills it often causes those storms to weaken.

The Lord is saying in Isaiah 54:10, though the mountains/hills, our sense of security/safety in our lives, be shaken and removed, the Lord’s unfailing love for us will not be shaken nor His covenant of peace be removed from us for He has compassion on us.

The last year and a half, a lot of sadness has taken place in many lives across our nation and world because of the Coronavirus, and that sadness is very real.

The Lord promises in His word that He will never leave His children nor forsake them and as believers that is a promise we must stand on in the midst of whatever shaking is taking place.

At any funeral I have the honor to officiate at I am always asked by a loved one; “Why? Why did they have to die?” I can’t give them an answer to why their loved one died nor can anyone else I believe. Death, storms, trials, times of testing will come to all but as we read today, the Lord’s unfailing love for His children and His covenant of peace will never be removed.

Are you one of His followers my dear friend? It’s never too late to cry out to the Lord and ask Him to be the Lord of your life. The benefits of doing so are beyond anything this world could ever offer to you!!!  

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