New Day Online Service

“Side by Side” Part 5 Sunday Service at New Day Christian Church of Las Vegas 9-19-21

New Day Christian Church of Las Vegas invites you to join them online or at church every Sunday at 9:30 AM. This Sunday Pastor Leroy Roybal continues his series “Side by Side”.

“We often tend to think what we are currently doing for the Lord is so insignificant when we compare it to what others are doing. When we begin thinking like that, we lose our joy, our purpose as to why we are doing it in the first place. The Lord looks at our hearts and rewards us according to what our heart is saying as we serve Him. Your life and what you are doing for the Lord is not insignificant, so keep on keeping on my dear friend!”

Title: “Side By Side – Part 5”
Matthew 28:19-20
Ecclesiastes 4:12
Psalm 91
Nehemiah 3
Galatians 5:19-21
Nehemiah 8
Nehemiah 1:5-7
Nehemiah 8:9-12

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Hope to see you at church next week!