New Day Online Service

“I Was Afraid” A Message from New Day Christian Church of Las Vegas 10-31-21

Pastor Leroy Roybal has a message for you about fear! Join us for today’s sermon either online or in the sanctuary at 9:30 am.

 “Everyone has some type of fear in their lives they struggle with. I am not much of a fan of fear or being frightened, though I have been many times before and it was no fun. Amazingly there is a fear that is good and necessary but sadly missing today, even among God’s people and that’s the fear (awe/reverence) of the Lord. Do you still have that fear my friend? If not get it back for that fear will bring you peace!”

Title: “I Was Afraid!”

1 Timothy 1:7
Romans 12:21
Genesis 3:1-11
Genesis 3:10
Genesis 2:16-17
John 6:22-69
Psalm 19:9
Psalm 34:9
Psalm 111;10
Psalm 118:4

Psalm 51:1-6, 12  

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