New Day Online Service

“Leftovers??” New Day Christian Church of Las Vegas 11-28-21

Pastor Leroy Roybal shares a Thanksgiving message with the church both at church and online. Join us by watching the message below.

 “We love it when at the end of the month, after paying our bills and commitments we’ve made, we find there remains a little leftover for us. One of the definitions of leftover is defined as something that is of surplus; not used or consumed. God the Father gave us His very best, His one and only Son, not out of His leftovers. Do you give the Lord out of your first fruits, your best, or do you give Him out of your leftovers.” 

Title: “Leftovers??”

John 6:1-15
Genesis 22:2
Genesis 22:7-8
John 6:12
Psalm 145:1-7
Psalm 9:1-2
John 10:10
Philippians 4:12-13