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He Loves Me!!!

He Loves Me!!!

For the most part, we never want to disappoint others, especially those we care deeply about. I grew up in a home which at one time had 3 bands which held rehearsals at our parents’ home. My father was a Mariachi back in Santa Fe, New Mexico so music was a huge part of our life.

Whenever we went back home, my father wasn’t able to walk down the sidewalk in Santa Fe without someone stopping him on the street and asking when he would sing again in the Fiesta’s, which were held every September. You might say, my father was a rock star back in those days.

I was the only son who learned to sing the Spanish songs my dad sang. I so wanted my father to see how much I admired him and what he had done in music. My father went to see my younger brother’s band play and even my older brother’s band play, but for some reason he sadly never came to see my band play.

There was this nagging thought in my head that my father didn’t think my singing and playing matched up to the quality of my brother’s singing and playing.

One day, at a family function, I began singing one of my dad’s favorite songs. My father stopped visiting and came over and joined me in singing one of his favorite songs. My father never did that with any of my brothers. That small action on my father’s part spoke to my heart saying that ‘My father loved me and what I was doing.’ It’s funny how easily we can think someone doesn’t love us.

My wife and I just got over being very sick with something, not sure if it was Covid or something else. I had it worse than my wife and one day as I laid in bed with a fever of a 103, the enemy began planting seeds in my brain that the Lord didn’t really love me for He allowed me to get so very sick. The crazy thing about that is I was actually beginning to believe that  

David writes in Psalm 13:5 “But I trust in Your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in Your salvation (emphasis added)

Because I struggle at times thinking the Lord actually loves me for I fall short many times in trying to please Him, the enemy can easily cause me to think the Lord has stopped loving me.

When that happens I have to remind myself there is nothing I could do that would ever cause the Lord to not love me. The Lord loves me not because of me but because of who He is, God is love!!!

Feeling a bit insecure about the Lord’s love for you my dear friend? Like David says, ‘Trust in the Lord’s unfailing love, rejoice in His salvation” The Lord loves you just as much now as He did when you first asked Him to be the Lord of your life!!

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