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New Growth?!?

As I was looking at the calendar the other day, I noticed the month of March had already begun and I had not written my blog yet, sorry. I also noticed as I looked at my calendar, that the season of Spring begins on Sunday March 20th of this year.

The other day as I was mowing my yard, I happened to notice many dead or dry areas in our lawn. As I spoke to my wife about it, I suggested we may need to have Sam come over and re-seed our entire yard again so we can enjoy a nice green yard this year.

The technique of over seeding a yard in the spring involves planting new grass seed into the old yard so any bare spots can bring forth new grass and the old grass can be restored once again to its formal original beauty.

I enjoy seeing a nice a nice plush yard when I sit back on our patio but I also know the work that it takes to get the yard looking that way. Weeds, weather and wear take its toll on a yard and though you try to keep on top of it, at times you need to re-seed your lawn

Spring is the season right after winter and before summer in which new vegetation begins to appear. The winter months are usually associated with cold days, often filled with snow and rain; not a time when one would expect new vegetation.

Yet it’s during those cold, dark winter days that our trees and plants are able to establish a healthy root system so they will be able to survive the hot days of Summer.

I love the Spring and Summer seasons and I don’t really care for the cold days of winter and fall, but I recognize they are very beneficial for our plants and grass to build strong roots.

This also true for our spiritual lives. Trials, struggles in life are not what we desire but they help us become strong in our walk with the Lord. If we only had nice/pleasant days in our walk with the Lord, how would we recognize our need of Him in our life?

With everything we as a people and as a nation/world have had to endure these last two years, we are all ready for Spring in our lives, spiritually speaking. The question before us is have those difficult times caused our roots, our faith in the Lord to become stronger?

The Lord declares in Isaiah 43:19 “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland” (emphasis added)     My dear friend, are you seeing the new thing the Lord is doing in your life, do you even perceive it? Are you seeing the new way the Lord has created in your desert, the streams in your wasteland?