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“You Will Be!” Part 3 New Day Christian Church of Las Vegas 3-20-22

Pastor Leroy Roybal of New Day Christian Church of Las Vegas continues his series. Join us online or at church every Sunday at 9:30 AM We look forward to meeting you.

“I remember when I got my first job I discovered things I had to do that were not said I would be doing when I was hired. At first I wanted to quit but I stuck it out and learned a huge lesson. Job descriptions are good to have but job descriptions don’t always include everything we will be required to do. When we became Christians, the Lord didn’t tell us everything we would have to do as one of His followers. The Lord just said He would be with us to the end of age”

Title: “You Will Be!” – Part 3


Psalm 119:57-60

Psalm 25:4-5

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Acts 1:1-10

John 13:12-17