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Godly Winds!!!

Maybe it’s just me but it seems that lately those of us here in Las Vegas have been experiencing a lot of windy days. Like a lot of people, I suffer from allergies and with recently having a lot of windy days in Vegas, my allergies have flared up big time.

I have sneezed and blown my nose more these last few days than I ever have done in the past because of my allergies, which I blame on all this wind.

It never fails that whenever we desire a nice calm day to have an event outside or just enjoy sitting out on our patios, the weatherman forecasts we will be having lots of wind that day.

There are those who actually enjoy windy days (I think those people need professional help) There are also those who like it always being on the cooler side compared to those of us who like it a bit warmer. One would think, why did the Lord make us all so different?

When we get to heaven, I want to believe we will have our very own thermostats in which we can control how warm, hot cold, how sunny, or how much wind we will have (I know, I’m crazy)  

Being we know the Lord created the heavens and the earth and everything that’s in it, the Lord had a reason for creating the wind. Some examples of the benefits of wind are, wind helps spread the seeds, it moves sailboats, creates energy, clears the air of pollutants, it transports moisture and temperature from one area to another and so much more.

There are many examples found in the Word of God of how the Lord uses the wind in our lives but one example that I find very convicting is found in the account when Jesus walks on the water.

Jesus had asked His disciples to go ahead of Him while He dismissed the people. After Jesus dismissed the people, He went to be by Himself to pray. Somewhere between 3-6am, Jesus went out to meet His disciples, but to do that He chose to walk on the water and when the disciples saw Jesus walking on water, they freaked out, as so would we

The Lord saw the great fear on their faces and told them not to be fearful but to take courage for it was Him. Peter says: “Lord if its You tell me to come out to You on the water”

That was a huge statement made by Peter. No one had ever walked on water, so how did Peter think he would come to the Lord. Jesus simply says to Peter, “Come” With a huge display of faith on his part, Peter gets out of the safe, comfortable boat and walked on the water towards Jesus. When Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and he saw the wind, he was afraid and began to sink, only to have Jesus save him.

There will be times in our lives where the winds of turmoil, confusion, fear, doubt, tragedy and so much more will begin to blow and if we like Peter take our eyes off the Lord, we too will begin to sink.

Jesus could have calmed the winds so Peter could easily walk out to Him but He allowed the wind to blow to teach Peter, His disciples and us today that our eyes need to constantly be stayed on Him in the midst of those Godly winds Jesus sends to help build our faith.

A bit windy in your life right now? Let’s all keep our eyes and heart stayed on the Lord and we will finish our race, no matter how windy it may be outside!!