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“Life On Mission” Special Guest Speaker Carson Jagannath

New Day Christian Church of Las Vegas is having a guest speaker this Sunday. Carson Jagannath is the son of one of our founding families at New Day. Carson is working as the Campus Missionary Pastor at Washington State University. Pastor Roybal asked him to take the pulpit and share about what is taking place with young people today who attend college and anything else the Lord places on his heart.

Title: Life On Mission

 “How many of us have gotten to that place in life where we felt like we finally became adults, yet wondered what we were going to do in life? There are those who have definite plans for their lives but for most of us, we think we know what we want to do but are not quite certain yet. As Christians, having goals and dreams in life is not wrong but how often do we pass those goals and dreams by the Lord to see if our goals and dreams line up with what His plans for our life are?”