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Merry Christmas?!?

It’s hard to believe we have now entered December the last month of 2022 and about to enter a New Year 2023.

As I began to bring down all our Christmas decorations last weekend so my wife and I could set it all up at our home, (mostly my wife did the setting up) my wife said, “It feels like I just did all of this and now here I am doing it all over again”

The reason many of us may feel that way is we tend to go from one event, from one holiday to the next one, and we forget to enjoy those days in between all those events, all those holidays in life.

When the event or holiday is over, we say to ourselves, we wished we had taken the time to enjoy that event or holiday instead of being caught up with so much other stuff.

Sometimes sickness can rob of us of the joy we should have when it comes to certain events or holidays and that is certainly understandable, but that is not often the case for most.

What can really rob of us the joy of any event or any holiday is when we allow ourselves to get caught up in the current events of our city, nation and world.

These last 3 years have been difficult for many with the loss of loved ones, the pandemic and all that comes with that craziness, worrying about climate change or who won the elections, to name a few, has taken a lot of the joy out of life that many of us once appreciated and loved

Speaking only for myself, I used to be one who didn’t care about who won any election or what one politician said or much of anything else and that has changed since I am now much older

As a Christian, I am concerned for our city, nation and world. I am very concerned about how far we’ve strayed as a people from any sense of morality, the lawlessness in our nation or who we might offend because we love our country or admit we love Almighty God.

I am tired of people wanting me to bend to their ideals and who they think is right and wanting me to accept them and their lifestyles. The only bending I choose to do is to live my life to honor my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and no one will persuade me to do otherwise

We are coming to one of the greatest holiday’s this world has ever known or will ever know: Christmas; the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! People today are trying to cancel things they don’t like or agree with and sadly many of our politicians on both political sides are agreeing with them. No man, group or laws will ever cancel the birth our Lord and Savior!! It’s Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays and I will continue to say Merry Christmas wherever I go, even if it may offend people.

Jesus was pretty much all alone, say for a few people, at the cross when He died for all mankind’s sins, in spite of all the good Jesus did for people, yet that didn’t sway Jesus from His mission

We need to be informed Christians about what laws are trying to be passed and we need to do our part to make sure our voice is heard loud and clear without violence of any sort on our part. But in the end, we must be people of love, joy and peace for we serve a God of love, joy and peace. We must not let man’s ways rob us of what Christmas really means.

I don’t like everything that’s taking place in our nation but I still love America and what our country was founded on: Godly principles. I will continue to pray for everyone, even those who may disagree with me, in our city, nation, and world, that they may find the real peace, joy and love that Jesus has for them!

Merry Christmas to all or as my family says: Feliz Navidad!! May our Lord fill your Christmas this year with His joy! Don’t cave into what is contrary to God’s Word, knowing His promises found in His word remain true, even for today!!!

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