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“So Why Are You Here?!?” A Message from New Day Christian Church 1-8-23

Happy New Year and welcome to New Day Christian Church of Las Vegas! Whether you are with us at church in the sanctuary or online, we hope you have had a blessed beginning to your New Year. Please enjoy Pastor Leroy’s message this Sunday.

“Whenever a New Year comes along, I always look back at the previous year and discover I had great times and very difficult times that year. Those great times and difficult times had lessons I needed to learn that I must take into the New Year. Sadly, often I fail to learn or recognize the lessons in those good and difficult times. As you begin 2023, determine why you are in the place you are as you begin the New Year. Then ask the Lord for His help to make the necessary adjustments so the New Year a better year!”   

Title: “So Why Are You Here?!?”


Psalm 25:4

Luke 6:40

John 13:13

Acts 9:1-9

2 Samuel 12

Psalm 51:4

Psalm 51:12

2 Samuel 11:1

Isaiah 57:15


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