New Day Online Service

“Be Mine!!” A Valentine Message From New Day Christian Church of Las Vegas

In preparation for Valentines’s Day, Pastor Leroy Roybal has prepared a special message for you. Join us online every week at 9:30 PST or in the sanctuary where we would love to meet you in person!

“Ready for Valentine’s Day my friend? Have you found the right card to give the special person in your life? Valentine’s today has become a huge cash cow for businesses. Prices for dinner, candy, roses or anything else always goes up on Valentine’s Day; so sad. I am fearful we have lost what Valentine’s is all about: letting those we dearly care for know how much we love and appreciate them. There is one special person we tend to forget about: our Lord Jesus Christ. Have you expressed to Him lately how much you love Him? It’s never too late to start!

Title: “Be Mine!!”


Luke 15:11-27

Romans 8:1

Isaiah 49:15-16

John 10:27-29