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May Flowers?!?

It seems like Spring has taken its time to get here and I am not sure Spring is totally here yet. The temperatures have been a bit on the cool side the last few weeks and for those of us who live in Vegas, though we know the hot days are coming, it’s nice to have some days which feel a little like Spring before the heat comes.

I was watching the news the other day and they were talking about all the many flowers which have bloomed in places which haven’t seen much bloom in the last few years. The spectacular vegetation is so great and beautiful that in some areas, people are pulling off to the side of the road so they can stop and enjoy the beauty of all that vegetation on the side of mountains and in the valleys.

.I remember at time when I was able to take some young teenagers on a two week mission trip to Estonia. One morning at our base camp, I was having a cup of coffee outside with our interpreter and I asked her what kind of beautiful yellow flowers were filling the all the valleys.

She laughed as she told me those weren’t flowers, those were weeds which bloom each year because of all the rain and snow they get in Estonia. To say they get snow in Estonia is an understatement. Our interpreter showed me some pictures of the amount of snow they got that winter and it was mind blowing.   

There is an old saying which says: “April showers bring May flowers,” which means after long periods of adversity and difficulties, good times will follow. David writes in the second part of Psalm 30:5Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning”  (emphasis added)

It’s hard in our human minds to believe that any tragedy, any difficulty, any time of adversity in our life can bring rejoicing, times of beautiful flowers; times of new growth in our life.

We get so consumed with the storms, with the cold dark and gloomy days of our life, it can cause us to even miss the new growth, the beautiful flowers the Lord has caused to begin to bloom in our life.

The day they took the lifeless body of our Savior Jesus Christ off the cross, all His disciples and close followers could see was doom and gloom. They sadly forgot Jesus had told them many times He would have to die on the cross but He would rise again, victory over death would be accomplished.

Have we forgotten because the Lord rose from the grave, the Lord is now victorious, death no longer has the sting it once had? Rain, storms, cold gloomy days will come but when they have passed all that remains are beautiful new flowers; a time to rejoice!!