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“Humanity Intersects with the Divine” A Mother’s Day Message from New Day Christian Church

At New Day Christian church of Las Vegas it’s a tradition for Gail Roybal to share a special message on Mother’s Day. We welcome you to our church whether you are visiting in person or joining us online. We know you will be blessed.

“Humanity Intersects with the Divine”

The scripture verse is “For surely, O LORD, You bless the righteous; You surround them with Your favor as with a shield” Psalm 5:12

Have you ever struggled with having an effective prayer life?  Have you ever run out of things to pray and can’t find clear direction for your prayers?  Have you felt like God just has to show up in your situation? Have you come to a place where you just know that you need an encounter with the Divine? I believe God has given us an illustration in His Word as to how we can learn from someone who was at that place in his own life. In 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 we learn about a man named Jabez, which translated literally means “I bore him in pain” or “sorrow” and in some translations reads “he will cause pain.”  In the midst of all of his pain, Jabez cries out to the Lord and prays this short but powerful prayer that I believe can be a model for each of us.

There are four requests that Jabez made before the Lord.  
Bless – me so that I may be a blessing to others by giving me more than I need
Enlarge – my territory so that I may have influence where God has placed me and that
my life will be bigger than myself for His glory
Presence – of God will be in my life and anoint me so I may live a life that is not natural
but super natural, filled with power that is not my own
Protection – from the evil one so that I may not bring pain to myself or to others. Keep
me from harm.

Starting each day putting this requests before the Lord can give clear direction for our lives. The most amazing part of these two verses is at the end of verse 10 when we are told that “God granted his requests”. If God would grant Jabez what he asked, I believe He would do the same for us. No matter what pain we may have endured or difficulties we find ourselves in, if will turn our prayers into ones that we desire to be used for God’s glory, we can be confident that we will have the glorious experience of, when “Humanity Intersects with the Divine”