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“I’ve Had Enough Lord!!” A Sunday Message from New Day Christian Church Las Vegas

New Day Christian Church of Las Vegas welcomes you on another beautiful Sunday to worship with us and study God’s word. Pastor Leroy Roybal is sharing a timely message for everyone who is feeling like they have had enough of what’s going on in their lives. Join us for worship and service every Sunday at 9:30 AM at church or online.

“I remember when we bought a piece of furniture at Ikea and all we had to do was put it together. That may sound easy for you but after 8 hours of trying to make the pieces fit, to no avail, I told my wife, I am done trying, out it went to the garbage! Sometimes we feel that way in our Christian walk. We’ve tried the best we could but it seems the Lord wasn’t doing HIs part, so we sadly gave up. We can never give up on the Lord for He never gives up on us!!” 

Title: “I’ve Had Enough Lord!!”


1 Kings 19:1-9

1 Kings 18

Jeremiah 2:32

Psalm 6:2-3

Psalm 13:2

Psalm 94:3

Psalm 145:8

Psalm 139:1-4


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