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Hold Me Daddy

This past Sunday I shared a message with our church body which came to life for me personally a week after I had put it down on paper. My wife and I were in […]

I Love You??

Greetings to all who may be reading my blog. My hope and prayer is that you are experiencing the Lord’s favor in your life at this time. Let me begin by asking you a simple question: […]

Opening Our Treasures

I love watching the TV show Antique Roadshow. I love watching the look on people’s faces when they discover what they thought was just a good buy or something ‘neat’, is suddenly worth […]

Focus, Focus

I was reading a story the other day about Karl Wallenda, a great aerialist, who at the age of 73 tragically fell to his death,  while attempting the most dangerous tightrope walk of his […]

What If???

I was looking over and deleting some of the many files I had saved on my computer; some that either were old or didn’t need to be saved any longer. When I got to […]

Such Great Faith

In the Gospel of Matthew 8:5-13 we read the account of a Roman centurion who came to Jesus to ask Him for some help with a big need that he had. A centurion was […]

Now What???

Many of you, like me, turned on your TV sets early Friday morning, only to sadly learn our Supreme Court had handed down a ruling that legalized gay marriage nationwide. As I […]