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Getting There!!

Can you believe it my friend, we are almost half way through 2013 already? I know that many of you have heard this said so many times before: ‘The older I get, […]

A Time For Shaking

Greetings my dear friend. I pray that as you read my blog for this month, you find yourself experiencing the love and joy of the Lord in your life in a powerful way! My lovely wife […]

I Love You???

Greetings my friend! My prayer for you is that you are sensing the Lord’s favor and peace at work in your life at this time and also feeling His strength manifested in all you do so […]


I want to begin my blog for this month by wishing all of you a very wonderful and blessed 2013!!! Wow, just saying that it is now 2013 sounds so strange to me. You see when […]


Greetings to all who may be reading my blog for the month of December. My prayer for you is that you are sensing the Lord’s favor and provision in your life at this […]

Thank You!!!

The Lord’s blessing’s to all who may be reading my blog for the month of October. I pray that your life is filled with not only the joy and strength of the Lord […]