Past Church Activities

Looking For a Bible Study in NW Las Vegas? Studies are starting at New Day Christian Church

imagesIf you are looking for a bible study and a way to connect with other Christians, look no farther.  New Day Christian Church has bible studies starting up this week.  Here are some of the highlights and if you would like more information, call the church at 702-658-1124

Ladies Bible Studies:

“Root Cause” and “Room 12” by Pastor Robert Morris – continues Wednesday night at 7PM at the church.

Did you know there are often root causes for situations such as repeatedly losing jobs, consistently bad relationships, and even consistent financial struggles? We all face problems, and sometimes we can’t change what we are facing, but if we address the root cause of what we are experiencing change can happen. In this 6 part series, “Root Cause” and “Room 12” Pastor Morris shares insight on how you can tear up harmful roots and put down good roots.   The Wednesday night study is now held in the Kid’s Club room following worship in the sanctuary.

If you have never been able to come to one of our studies, I hope this will be the year you will join us! We are always excited to grow in our faith with all the sisters of New Day!

Men’s Bible Study:

 “What Are You Afraid Of?” by Dr. David Jeremiah  – Wednesday night at 7PM.

Fight your greatest fears in the power of your great God! In this Bible study, you will learn to face your fears with faith! In this study we will apply the truth of God’s Word to each of these common fears.  The biblical teaching that he introduces will help you break free of paralyzing fear through God’s pwer and presence. No matter what your’re afraid of, God is bigger than your fear. Let Him set you free to live fearlessly as you serve and follow Him. Sign ups are available at the back table in the sanctuary if you would like to attend.  If you are new to our Church please give us a call if you would like to join us for this study.  All are welcome. The men will meet in the sanctuary after worship at 7pm starting March 11th.

Youth also meet downstairs on Wednesday night at 7PM.

New Day Christian Church is located at 2651 Crimson Canyon, near Cheyanne and Tenaya.