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Here We Go Again?!?

I am not sure if you were one of those in Las Vegas, who on New Years Eve was out on the strip or who went  downtown to ring in 2019. I was in my warm comfortable home, with the fireplace on and a blanket over me to keep me warm; it was a cold New Years Eve this year. I had spent many a New Years in the past playing for some New Years party and had my share of dealing with crazy crowds, though if I remember correctly, at one time I was one of them.

I always begin New Years Eve with watching people ring in the New Year on TV as it comes in New York at Times Square. Sorry, but that is way too many people for me to be dealing with on New Years Eve.

After the New Year arrived in New York I switched to our local news channels as they showed all the festivities in our crazy city of Las Vegas. It wasn’t a wet one like it was in New York but it was a very cold night to say the least, yet there they were, those die-hard crazy people who insist on being out with the crowds to ring in the New Year. After watching the fireworks show as 2019 came in Las Vegas, I stayed up for a few more minutes and eventually went to bed.

Being 70 years old, I have seen my fair share of New Years come in and it seems to me that though it may be a different year, everything still remains the same. Resolutions are declared, new commitments are made to lose all that weight we somehow gained in the previous year, promises to be a better, kinder person in the new year are made and the list goes one and on.

I watched a TV show on New Years Day which talked to some who had made New Years resolutions less than 24 hours earlier, and had already broken them; to this I say: Here We Go Again!!

In 2019 we will sadly still have senseless killings take place, dear loved ones will die, jobs will be had and lost, the stock market will take its usual roller coaster ride, peace will talked about but sadly not achieved, people will hurt one another with their words and actions and the list goes on and on.

After delivering some very disturbing news to His disciples, Jesus gave them some very comforting words, that also apply to us today in John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world (life) you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Yes, to many it will seem like Here We Go Again for 2019, but for those who have made Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives and have put all their trust in Him, it isn’t here we go again but instead what amazing thing is the Lord going to do in my life, the life of my family, the life of my church and our world in 2019 and what part does the Lord want to use me in to make this happen.

My fellow believer, the Ancient Of Days still sits on the throne so hang on in 2019 and see what the Lord is going to do in our world but more importantly, in your own life. It will not be a Here We Go Again for the Lord’s people in 2019 and for that I am ever so grateful! Happy New Year!!!!

image credits : Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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