True Rest

Good day my dear friends! We have made it to the month of August of 2010, can I hear an Amen 🙂 The month of August is the time of the year when many try […]

Oooh! Aaaah!

Greetings my brothers and sisters! I hope that you are all doing well as you read this and if not, may the Lord sustain you in every way. Here we are in […]

No Break

Can you believe it, we are half way through 2010!?! It seems like I took down my Christmas decorations just the other day 🙂 Time marches on and we just need to adjust. […]

Never Forget Them

Whenever I come to the month of May I am always reminded that it is in this month that I celebrate my birthday and my wedding anniversary. This year I will turn 62 years old, or better […]


What a word you might say. Well it’s the best word that I could come up with at the moment to try to describe the wind or the sound of wind.  Actually, I am not a big fan […]